You can enjoy, to the full, the bounty of the mountains across all four seasons.

In the spring, you can enjoy the mountain herbs poking their faces out from the melting snow,
and, in the summer, sweetfish caught in the beautiful rivers.
In fall, there is matsutake, the King of mushrooms, enjoyed by everyone,
and, in winter, there is the boar stew that is only available in this area.
We prepare food ingredients for all four seasons.
The fresh vegetables picked by the owner himself, the Hida beef reared locally, and seasonal ingredients,
are combined skillfully together to present the highest class local cuisine in Hida-Takyama.

Single Item Menu


Breakfast 630 yen(excl. of tax)

For stay-only customers, please inquire when you check in.

Garyunosato/Ichinomiya Doburoku (unrefined sake) special regions – home-made doburoku

410 yen each (excl. of tax)

Hida beef top-class steak

150g from 3,000 (increased by 900 yen every 50g) (excl. of tax)

Hida beef sukiyaki

3,000 yen(excl. of tax)

Sukiyaki uses 100g of top-class Hida beef.

Mountain herb tempura

1 plate 1,000 yen (excl. of tax)

The content changes depending on the period.
* The image is of some of the mountain herbs used in the tempura.


2,450 yen(excl. of tax)

Dinner is by reservation only

* You cannot book on the same day
* The content shall differ depending on the period.

Please do not hesitate to make inquiries.