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At the “Sumireso lodging”, we serve food you can only get at Hida Takayama.

At the “Sumireso lodging”, our hospitality includes provision of food for each season.
At our lodging, you can enjoy the very rare, freshly-picked produce from the mountain,
such as home-planted vegetables, “Matsutake” (mushroom) dishes, soup made from dogtooth violets etc.
You can fully experience nature and the old streets of Takayama, an experience which you cannot find in the city.
We look forward to welcoming you during your visit, 
always paying attention to providing the highest standards of hospitality.

Mountain produce for each season

At our Sumireso lodging, in Takayama City, you can enjoy the extremely rare local cuisine of Hida Takayama, including home-grown vegetables, “Matsutake (mushroom) dishes” (3 levels of quality) from the start of September to the end of November, soup made from dogtooth violets at the start of April, Himetake dishes, alpine leeks and Koshiabura etc.

* As these are seasonal dishes, the menu will change according to the season. Please inquire for details.

* We serve our home-made fruit wine with our dishes. For our guests who do not drink alcohol, we provide non-alcohol amazake (sweet sake).

Mountain village experience

Ichinomiyamachi (previously Miyamura) in Takayama City is an area of natural beauty, with Mt. Kurai, famous as a sacred mountain, and Kaoredake.
Sumireso is visited by many people throughout the seasons, as a lodging where you can experience the mountain village life, coming into contact with the nature and culture of Hida Takayama.

* We can provide guidance on wild plant and mushroom gathering. Please inquire using the inquiry form for details.


We are taking reservations for the mushroom gathering experience.

This year, as well, we are starting our “mushroom gathering experience” from September (reservation-only). You will enter the mountains with the owner, and pick mushrooms. You can learn how to distinguish between edible and non-edible mushrooms as you walk around.

Accreditation of “The village of Karyuzakura (cherry blossoms)/Ichinomiyamachi Doburoku special area”

Ichinomiyamachi, promoting farm village leisure activities, has received accreditation from the Cabinet Office as “the village of Karyuzakura/Ichinomiyamachi Doburoku special area”, anda certificate for the special zone for the structural reform(special area plan)was received at the Prime Minister’s official residence.
At Sumireso, we are manufacturing Doburoku brewed sake, which has home-grown rice and Mizunashi Shrine underground water (water gushing out from the ground at Mt. Kurai) as ingredients. We provide this to the guests staying at our lodge. Please give it a try.
We also accept orders for delivery at any time. Please feel free to use this service.


Visiting rivers

Try fishing, and catching fish with nets
You will meet lots of creatures…dace, “amago” trout, killifish, ranatra.

Picking edible wild plants and medicinal herbs

Eating a large rice ball while walking in the mountains listening to the cries of cicada and the sounds of the valley river water is a wonderful experience. Try making a meal with the things that you have picked that day.

Visiting Mt. Kurai

If you walk the paths, with the owner of the lodge, that the ancient people may have walked, looking at the giant stones, petroglyphs (ancient characters) and altar stones (ancient people prayed to many things), you will find the mountain where the gods live. Refreshing!