Lodging that enables you to experience a mountain village

At Sumiresou Inn,
you can experience the traditional style and charm of Japan.
We will introduce you not only to famous sightseeing places
but also to famous places where local people go.
The beautiful nature of Hida.
Nearby sacred shrines.
Healthy meals that bring their ingredients to life.
Connection with warm-hearted people awaits.

Meals are primarily Japanese cuisine.
Rooms are tatami rooms,
and futons are spread out for guests to sleep.
Guests may bathe in 2 large public baths.
Furthermore, a rest space with a sunken hearth is available on Sumiresou Inn’s first floor, so go ahead and take a break in this Japanese-style space after getting out of the bath or returning from sightseeing.

At Sumiresou Inn,
we have a value plan in which guests can experience Japan
by wearing kimono and drinking tea.
We have a plan in which guests can enjoy meals of Japan’s 4 seasons: spring, summer, autumn, and winter.
We offer various limited-time plans,
so please feel free to make a reservation.

We also conduct guest pickups and drop-offs.
Please contact us 3 days in advance via the inquiry form should you need these services.
(We might not be able to meet your request depending on the day of the reservation.
Thank you in advance for your understanding.)